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The Patriota Twins

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Chris Colfer (Sun in Gemini)

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June 10 was Gemini model Tony Ward’s Birthday!

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Michael Pitt (Sun in Aries), Eva Green (Sun in Leo) and Louis Garrel (Sun in Gemini) in The Dreamers (2006)

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June 11 was Gemini Shia Labeouf’s Birthay! Happy Birthay to all Gemini from June!

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June 5 was Mark Wahlberg’s Birthday! ;)

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June 3rd was Gemini Rafael Nadal’s Birthday!

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I honestly love Gemini's. I'm so attracted to them. I'm a Leo. Just out of curiosity though, what do you think of most Leo's? Do you think that a Gemini and a Leo could possibly work out? Dating wise. I've read a few compatibility charts and it says we are compatible, but I'm still unsure I suppose. You seem like you have most of the answers so perfect say to ask.

Hey! lol, that’s great, thanks! I guess we’re compatible. I used to date this Leo guy and we had a great time. We were perfect for each other. He was a little inmmature but he knew how to make me feel special. I used to make him laugh a lot and sex was awsome! The problem was timing really, he wasn’t ready for a serious comitmment (ironically the thing that most astrology blogs blame on us gemini) and i was about to move to another city, so we spend one crazy sexy summer together and then i left. I’m still thinking about making a movie script out of if $_$

I strongly believe that dating compatibility depends also on where your moon sign and Venus are. The moon rules your feelings and emotions and Venus rules what makes you happy so i think is important to know. I never knew where his moon and Venus were (it probably would have helped me understand some things he did) but our suns signs did get along. So yeah, we were compatible at least in that level. I used to tell him he was the sexiest guy i’d ever met, and he used to tell me i was the cutest guy he’d ever met. Gemini really get’s Leo. We see beyond all vanity and conceitedness. They are really affectionate, warm and caring and also funny and cheerful. They’re a great catch! :P

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Angelina Jolie: Sun in Gemini, Cancer Rising 

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