Hermes Loghios, ruler god of Gemini, palazzo Altemps (National Museum of Rome)

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Tony Ward (Sun in Gemini) by James Armstrong in 1982

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June 12 was Brasilian Supermodel Adriana Lima’s Birthday! Happy Birthday to all Gemini from June!

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Geminis by Tremary

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Hermes by Valerhon

Hermes flies far above the Earth, borne by wings on his feet. He wears a helm that renders him invisible down on Earth, but up here he is free as the wind. The caduceus clenched in his hand marks his office as messenger of the gods. Beyond, a path to other worlds is revealed by an opening in the clouds. Hermes can travel anywhere in the universe, even into the realms of the dreams and the dead.” (Renaux)

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The Birth of Castor And Polux by André Durand.

In classical mythology, Castor and Pollux were the twin heroes known as the Dioscuri; Castor was the son of Leda and Tyndareus, Pollux the son of Leda and Zeus, which meant that Pollux was immortal and Castor was mortal. Their sister was Helen of Troy. They were great warriors and were noted for their devotion to each other. When Castor died in a battle, Pollux asked Zeus to let him share his own immortality with his twin to keep them together. Zeus arranged for the twins to divide their time evenly between Hades and Heaven, and in their honor he created the Gemini Constellation.   

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