New moon in Capricorn at 3:00 am you guys! the last new moon of 2013 conjunct pluto AND our ruler mercury will be very powerfull for new begginings but also for important, deep transformative information. It falls on our 8th house of deep stuff, debt, other people’s money, sex, etc. so it will be kind of erotic but also good for improving the way we handle all that stuff. Many blessings and new begginings for you this year. Use the earthy energy and plant something! Capricorn is related to goals, so put your intentions in firm soil tonight and ask for discipline and stability! Happy new year you guys! xx

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HEAVIEST NEW MOON EVER. The trine with Uranus (the evolution) really hit me hard and a lot of people too i think. The good thing is that the challenges (Uranus-Pluto square is ongoing pressure to force us to change), are good to reinforce our intentions. In other news, Mercury is out of Scorpio today you guys, no more instrospection! yay

Positivity and clear vision until we reach the full moon in our sign this 17th, which will be one crazy bitch, thanks again to Uranus going direct, but good in the end. 

Evolve or die, gemini!



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Tom Daley (Sun in Taurus, Taurus/Gemini cusp)

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guys, guys, dont forget tomorrow is the new moon in Sagittarius! that’s our 7th house you guys, is the house of love! a brand new start in EVERY RELATIONSHIP for geminis and specially gemini risings. Awesome for taken geminis, EXCELLENT for single Geminis! Set your intentios for a fresh start in any area of our life, meditate and prepare your own small significant ritual for tomorrow. I alwawys burn some papers with feelings i want to get rid of, use candles, sage, etc. but it can be anything, even a celebration of sorts. The 17th the full moon will be in our sign! so prepare yourselves for some massive evolution. Dont hold on to bad feelings or bad people or bad karma. Let go, clean your auras and be positive. Mars enters our FUN zone (the 5th house) this saturday so it’s gonna be a very active and expressive end of the year for us! :)

oh and Mercury leaves Scorpio this thursday! best month ever! 

much love and great vibes for yall! 



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How do I deal with my Gemini (me) Aquarius (him) break up??

well, it’s a hard time for relationships in general. I broke up with my leo sun, aquarius rising boyfriend too, and it’s been messy and horrible specially because (as you must know) we’re very compatible with aquarius guys despite their thick heads. Saturn in Scorpio is a nasty transit and it’s afecting all the signs: scorpio is our daily things, work, health, well being house, so it’s all transforming in that house. Pluto in Capricorn is also transforming our 8th house of deep emotions and dependencies, secrets and death-rebirth in general. Geminis are becoming hardcore phoenix-warriors-vampire-slayers all over the planet! And aqua guys are not having an easy time either: aquarius has Pluto in their 12th house of spirituality, soul, sacrifice, loneliness and mystical inspiration, and Saturn (responsability) is still in their house of world obligations, career, etc. They are getting a rought time too. I know that we Geminis tend to rationalize our break ups, but there are some things that just make sense. The last one is that the Libra sector in the sky (the sign that rules relationships) is having a hard time right now, with pluto breaking its foundations and so many eclipses and lunations in it. So it’s hard to just have an easy relationship, and the message for Gemini is clear: know yourself, be healthy, and become stronger with every wound. Sadness can teach Geminis so much! Not to dwell on it, but to understand it’s nature, so we can be more independent and better lovers. SO WE CAN BECOME WHOLE. And speaking of strenght, Mars (action, sex) will spend 8 months in our romance and fun house, so it’s clear that the universe doesnt want us to be permanently sad/lonely. Good Sex with the right partner or lots of exercise can heal your emotional wounds too. When Mercury leaves scorpio the first week of december, our heads will become lighter, and we will be able to think clearly. I’m already meeting new people, making new friends, had a couple of relaxed dinners-dates, MOVING ON. There’s a new moon in our LOVE HOUSE this december 3rd, please get your best vibes on, clean your aura and ask for new love, new relationships, better relationships and a new heart, not regreting anything, but being grateful. Burn your tears, burn your guilt. Dont stop dreaming, repair your emotions. Your future “you” will thank you for it. 

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Happy new moon in Libra tomorrow night you guys! Is extra powerfull because is oposing Uranus (change, revolution) and squaring Pluto (death, transformation, rebirth), so it’s a great begining, if we embrace change and find the true source of our power. Specially good if you want to get over someone (Libra rules relationships), and awesome if you want to start from scratch. For geminis is all new in the 5th house: romance, creativity, fun and games, but as Pluto is watching really close my advice is to keep things light and be safe. October 5th will be specially good for us, Geminis, because Mercury (currently preparing to go retrograde in Scorpionic waters) will conjunct the North Node of the Moon (our evolution, our future, the place that we’re heading). Trust the highest vibrations of your mind that day, and put your brain working towards your greatest, crazyiest goals. Don’t get discouraged if your mental capacity is not what you expect (retrograde is really close), just be a messenger and you will get a message back. OPEN YOUR EYES, Geminis! find your truth and put it in your actions this month. Pluto and Saturn feeding each other, are not here just to create mayhem, but also to help us build new-more truthful and stronger structures. What you need now is not what you needed yesterday. Have a great weekend, Love, Ismael. 

'Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn”. - Ghandi (Sun in Libra)

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To all my Big Cat Babies out there, some #Leo love up in lights for y’all


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Hello everyone, that has been one hell of a dark moon in cance this weekend! balsamic moon ends tomorrow and we have new moon in full-of-life leo this tuesday. Hang in there and finish your catharsis! Leo moon falls in our communication house, so make plans for expressing yourself! xx

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New Moon in Cancer + Mercury Retrograde: July 8th 2013: New Emotions! 

Cancer is considered the sign of the Great Mother of Life, the nurturing power of our emotional body…feelings let us know if something is good or bad for us.  When we ignore our emotional intelligence, we create disorder and chaos in our lives and in the world.  So pay attention to your body and your feelings this month and for this new Moon, plant seeds of emotional intelligence…”

“This New Moon is conjunct Mercury retrograde, so messages will run deep.  Use the New Moon energy to go within and have a talk with yourself about your life.  What’s really important to you?  Is outer monetary security more important than inner emotional security?  Why are you here on Earth?  What’s your destiny?  If you put in the time, you will get answers.”

“The New Moon is also opposite Pluto in Capricorn and square Uranus in Aries.  What changes do you want to see in your own life and in our collective life?  What unique gift can you bring to the table?  Add some of those seeds to the mix.”

Cathy Pagano - Wisom of Astrology

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Set your intentios for stability and growth! #Eclipse #Taurus #NewMoon

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