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How do I deal with my Gemini (me) Aquarius (him) break up??

well, it’s a hard time for relationships in general. I broke up with my leo sun, aquarius rising boyfriend too, and it’s been messy and horrible specially because (as you must know) we’re very compatible with aquarius guys despite their thick heads. Saturn in Scorpio is a nasty transit and it’s afecting all the signs: scorpio is our daily things, work, health, well being house, so it’s all transforming in that house. Pluto in Capricorn is also transforming our 8th house of deep emotions and dependencies, secrets and death-rebirth in general. Geminis are becoming hardcore phoenix-warriors-vampire-slayers all over the planet! And aqua guys are not having an easy time either: aquarius has Pluto in their 12th house of spirituality, soul, sacrifice, loneliness and mystical inspiration, and Saturn (responsability) is still in their house of world obligations, career, etc. They are getting a rought time too. I know that we Geminis tend to rationalize our break ups, but there are some things that just make sense. The last one is that the Libra sector in the sky (the sign that rules relationships) is having a hard time right now, with pluto breaking its foundations and so many eclipses and lunations in it. So it’s hard to just have an easy relationship, and the message for Gemini is clear: know yourself, be healthy, and become stronger with every wound. Sadness can teach Geminis so much! Not to dwell on it, but to understand it’s nature, so we can be more independent and better lovers. SO WE CAN BECOME WHOLE. And speaking of strenght, Mars (action, sex) will spend 8 months in our romance and fun house, so it’s clear that the universe doesnt want us to be permanently sad/lonely. Good Sex with the right partner or lots of exercise can heal your emotional wounds too. When Mercury leaves scorpio the first week of december, our heads will become lighter, and we will be able to think clearly. I’m already meeting new people, making new friends, had a couple of relaxed dinners-dates, MOVING ON. There’s a new moon in our LOVE HOUSE this december 3rd, please get your best vibes on, clean your aura and ask for new love, new relationships, better relationships and a new heart, not regreting anything, but being grateful. Burn your tears, burn your guilt. Dont stop dreaming, repair your emotions. Your future “you” will thank you for it. 

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Happy new moon in Libra tomorrow night you guys! Is extra powerfull because is oposing Uranus (change, revolution) and squaring Pluto (death, transformation, rebirth), so it’s a great begining, if we embrace change and find the true source of our power. Specially good if you want to get over someone (Libra rules relationships), and awesome if you want to start from scratch. For geminis is all new in the 5th house: romance, creativity, fun and games, but as Pluto is watching really close my advice is to keep things light and be safe. October 5th will be specially good for us, Geminis, because Mercury (currently preparing to go retrograde in Scorpionic waters) will conjunct the North Node of the Moon (our evolution, our future, the place that we’re heading). Trust the highest vibrations of your mind that day, and put your brain working towards your greatest, crazyiest goals. Don’t get discouraged if your mental capacity is not what you expect (retrograde is really close), just be a messenger and you will get a message back. OPEN YOUR EYES, Geminis! find your truth and put it in your actions this month. Pluto and Saturn feeding each other, are not here just to create mayhem, but also to help us build new-more truthful and stronger structures. What you need now is not what you needed yesterday. Have a great weekend, Love, Ismael. 

'Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn”. - Ghandi (Sun in Libra)

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venus moon conjunction in the sign of love tonight! make a wish of love, for groth of the heart!

"Where love rules, there is no will to power; where power predominates, there love is lacking. Because the one is the shadow of the other." – Carl Jung

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I am a hard person to love but when I love, I love really hard.
~ Tupac Shakur (Sun in Gemini)
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Leo Dicaprio (Sun in Scorpio)

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Venus transit in Taurus: “you know you’re in love when reality is finally better than your dreams”. ♀ 

Nana Oh Land (Sun in Taurus)

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Linda Goodman knew all the secrets! <3

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Sasstrology.com: The Taurus Shutdown

If there’s one word that can help you understand your Taurus man, it’s “survival.” Taurus is concerned with what what works for him and what makes his life run smoothly. No more, no less. He is inherently selfish; if you’re partnered with a Taurus man, the main reason is because he found a connection between your values and his values. He’s not interested in the challenge of something different. When he figures out what works for him, he sticks with it. These qualities also make him self-sufficient and internalized; he looks to himself (first) to see what works.

Once Taurus finds someone he can trust and relate to, it’s incredibly difficult for him to give that person up. Taurus does not enter into a relationship lightly, and he’s going to stick with his lover through thick and thin. He is not going to shut down at a moment’s notice, because Taurus changes slowly. Remember, he is fixated on his personal definition of security. It took a while for him to let you in, so it will take a while before he shuts you out.

But he can cut himself off from his partner. If you wake up one morning and that current of reassuring Taurus warmth is suddenly switched off, you’re just seeing the final results. Taurus is so internalized, he probably didn’t let on that he was unhappy. Or he may have denied that anything was wrong at all (he is ruled by Venus, a sign that’s not big on conflict). But his frustrations have to reach a boiling point, and when they do it’s probably too late. Once your Taurus man shuts down, he’s already made the decision to move on. The “shut down” mode means that he’s decided his current relationship/partner no longer matches his values, or meets his needs. And (keeping the theme of survival in mind) once that happens, he figures there’s no point in wasting time trying to resurrect things.

I’m not saying this behavior is fair. And not all Taurus men will act this way (you have to look at his entire chart to ascertain his relationship MO). But generally, this is how Taurus works. Now, what might have triggered his shut down? You cooking the wrong meal or saying the wrong thing may have been the final straw, but the issues would have built up over months, or even years. Perhaps he felt he couldn’t trust you anymore, or there was a major shift in your values/habits (so they no longer matched his). Also, tangible demonstrations of feelings are very important to Taurus; if these dry up, he’ll feel neglected.

There are no guarantees that you can keep any partner by your side (and some relationships are simply not meant to last). But there are some things you can do to encourage your Taurus man to stick around. First, just because he’s not complaining doesn’t mean that everything is ok. It can be easy to take the simple things for granted, because Taurus men are so reliable. But Taurus requires a steady stream of physical affection, fidelity and values that match his own. His needs are basic, but they require constant tending. You don’t have to get fancy, but you do have to be consistent. Changes (which are inevitable) should be introduced slowly, and it’s helpful to check in with him to see how he’s handling new routines, or if he’s even ok with them. Taurus can adapt to change, but he needs to do it in his own time.

So that’s the scoop on what might be behind a Taurus man’s retreat. He has basic needs that change very slowly (if they change at all). And as some of you have discovered, “basic” does not mean “easy.” But a relationship with a Taurus man is a long-term investment; put the effort in while things are going smoothly, and you’ll see some significant returns.

By Nadia Gilchrist (sasstrology.com)

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