Guys, is that time of the year again. Our ruler planet/god/force Mercury is Retrograde again, until July 20th. No big commitments until then. Keep safe!


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GEMINI/CANCER Cusp, June 19 – June 24:  Also called the Cusp of Magic, the GEMICAN is an overlapping and admixture of the third sign of the zodiac, Gemini, and the fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancer.  The GEMICAN can be symbolically likened to the period around twenty-one years of age in the human life as well as literally marking the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere.  The GEMICAN cusp may be said to represent Magic.  During this period of the year many plants are coming into lush, full bloom.  The length of days has increased to its maximum and around June 21 (summer solstice) the day is longer and the night shorter than at any other time of the year.  This is the time of traditionally magical “midsummer’s eve”, a warm enchanted night, replete with bewitching smells and sounds, on which supernatural events take place.  In human development, at the age of twenty-one, adolescence is over and adulthood is said to begin.  This is a period in which Magic plays a key role—particularly in terms of the magnetic power of love and the enchantment of romance.  The young adult experiences an almost childlike wonder and awe at the beauty of the world and the many magical horizons which have opened up.  This is a time for friendships, love affairs and marriages to lend a transpersonal ecstasy to life, in which the individual surrenders to the power of the dyad or to the rapture of the world. 

The days which comprise the Gemini/Cancer cusp reveal some of this manifestation of magic, not only in the airy and ephemeral nature of Gemini,  but also in the deep feeling of Cancer, in which emotional refinement, inward exploration and nurturing also play their part. 

THE GEMICAN PERSONALITY:   In some ways the GEMICAN may be spoken of as an inspired individual.  Whether their inspiration is more private or public in nature, those born on this cusp have a highly devotional streak in which caring impulses are manifested toward their loved ones, or toward an occupation or cause.  GEMICANS can thus be self-effacing, in that their egos are often put in the service of a higher power.  For this reason, particularly on first meeting, they rarely impress one as brightly lit-up, dynamic individuals but rather profound and thoughtful people with a softer glow that comes from deep within. 

Every cusp personality comprises conflicting elements, being influenced by two very different adjacent signs.  In the case of the GEMICAN personality, however, airy, light and energetic Gemini traits complement the watery, feeling and sensitive aspects of Cancer by lending ethereal grace and charm.  The main conflict arises between the mental logic and precision of Gemini, and the more diffuse, subtle emotionality of Cancer.  Furthermore, as thought-feeling types, those born on this cusp can lack earthiness and fiery or intuitive impulsiveness.  Those born on the GEMICAN cusp are attracted to ecstatic states, and fortunately they are capable of finding inspirational qualities in even the most ordinary of everyday activities.  But their lives are only given full meaning when love and romance are allowed to bloom.

ADVICE FOR GEMICANS:  Exercise your magical powers with care.  You may need to be a bit tougher on yourself.  Keep your eye on the goal and resist any tendency to drift.  Do not lose yourself so readily in ecstatic experiences or you may have trouble finding yourself again.  Beware of repressing your feelings or allowing destructive emotions to control you. 

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Day 22: It truly is an honor to be a gemini. We are blessed with the ability to see things in a way others can not. We are pioneers to the trends, lover of creativity and beauty. Multi-talented & sometimes very intense yet influential to world at large. Stick with us and you’ll learn a few new things. Welcome to the season of the #Gemini 2013 (at home of the Style Monk)


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It’s oficially Gemini season everybody! Happy sun, venus, jupiter and mercury in Gemini! A small planetary stellium to celebrate the spiritual power of the children of gemini. We’re in the middle of an crazy life-changing eclipse filled season too, and the last one (this 24/5) will happen right across the zodiac, in sagittarius: our love house. A post about it is coming! And don’t forget Jupiter’s effects will manifest a lot better once it leaves our sign in june (if it hasn’t manifested in your life already), so don’t miss any chance you have of going global or to go further and bigger in whatever you’re doing. Saturn is still kicking our work and health house so be gentle and wise with your body and working habits. Happy birthday to all of you wonderful creatures, and be nature’s true messanger of a better (and happier) way of living. Make the universe proud! 

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Jupiter Enters Gemini June 11 2012 - June2013

Todays cosmic event begins this afternoon, as Jupiter finally leaves concrete Taurus after a year, and enters into social butterfly Gemini. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and abundance, where we can be in line for his blessed treasures for the rest of the year in areas of communications and networking, social media, new friendships, neighborly acts of kindness, educational classes, fresh ideas, partnerships, marriages, teamwork,  while learning new languages or ways to relate to one another. Jupiter bloats and enlarges, increasing our thoughts and our mind, socializing, expanding communications, friendliness, multi-tasking, writing, and traveling. Much of this can be very good for areas of relationships, personal development, and business, if we are willing to be open to change and fresh new ways of approaching old (and new) situations.

On the flip side, if we aren’t paying attention, we could become heavily distracted from our own responsibilities and path, if we allow these new gifts become priority. Gossip shouldn’t rank over helpful information. Jupiter can increase gluttony and our reliance of luck ~ and therefore, we end up learning nothing from what was suppose to be opportunities for growth. Like anything, there is rot that sits in ‘too much of a good thing’. Gemini is the sign of the twins, so we will naturally connect and relate, but it will be about being choosier in the long run. We are who we hang with, so hold on to what (and who) is good for our personal growth.

Spiritually, Jupiter in Gemini encourages growth, which helps to expand ourselves from attachments of what we have held on, whether that be material, physical, mental, emotional, or financial. Great fortune and wealth exists in detaching ourselves, while trusting that the cosmos have a plan or us. This is a year to break away from what has created limitations and energy blocks, so that we may breathe freely, and live life again. Much information will come to us now, and we will only need to keep what works for us, and let the rest go. 

After midnight, Chiron the Wounded Healer, retrogrades until December. This transit allows us to reflect upon painful emotions and situations that tend to limit our full potential. With Venus still retrograde until the last week of June, turning within to re-establish our values and who we are, will benefit us much more than looking outside of ourselves.

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June 5, 2012 | Venus approaching the sun.

Once in a lifetime! Ask what you want, she will give it to you, you just need to be free!

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“The ancient Mayans developed a calendar system that is very relevant to these times… it reflects a deep understanding of long-term cycles of creation…”

“The planet Venus is rich in archetypal symbology. It is often known as the Morning Star, the Bringer of Light. It is related to love, human unity, beauty, and oneness….”

“Venus transits always come in pairs. The second passage of Venus across the Sun’s disc takes place on June 5/6, 2012. The eight-year period in between represents a “doorway” through which Unity consciousness will come to dominate the mass consciousness of the Earth. Since this is a 130-year cycle, there are few humans alive today who have experienced this transit, yet it can be seen that every time this transit has taken place in human history, it has represented a new level of harmonization on the planet. It is interesting to note that the Taj Mahal, one of the greatest monuments to Love in human history, was built during the Venus Transit of 1631-1639 AD”.

“This current “doorway of Venus” is especially significant because it remains open until 2012 AD, the completion our current cycle of human evolution… or as the end of a period of human consciousness conditioned by separation and duality. The Mayans refer to this time as the Return of Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent, and look to this eight-year doorway as the timeframe within which the mass enlightenment of humanity will take place”.

Source: Mayan Majix

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