Avoid going to court while Mars is retrograde in March if there are any custody or child maintenance issues to sort out. The energy is a bit all or nothing for you, so better to play it safe rather than gamble. The same goes for any business deals. It would be much better to wait until after the April 15 Lunar eclipse in Libra which falls in your 5th house of romance and children. Reap all you can from this lucky Spica eclipse, for it will to see you through the coming difficult Cardinal cross. Thankfully you aren’t hit directly by the Cross, but you might even make some gains out of the fall-out while Jupiter is still in your house of cash until July 18. The April 29 Lunar eclipse in Taurus falls in your 12th house of mysticism and self-undoing which might mean you have to keep you head down for the next three months. The focus will be inner work and trying to conserve as much energy and resources as you can from earlier in the year.

The Persephone nodal opposition could work like a magic wand for you since your decan makes a harmonious aspect to it. Demetra George asserts that “Mars-Ceres contacts links the ability to act and be effective in the outer world to subconscious images of self worth.”  [1] So this year is all about your bank balance and how much you value yourself. Your self-esteem is directly related to how successful your business is going. You feel lucky this year and acquiring material possessions seems to be high on your agenda. You seem to need to show on the outside just how well you have been doing on the inside. Another thing you might want to do is invest in gaining an educational qualification and could be another way of wearing your achievements on your sleeve this year. There is nothing wrong with blowing your own trumpet.

If you have been working that Saturn in your 6th house of work, then this is the year you can reap the financial rewards. The October 8 Lunar eclipse in Aries falls in your 11th house of friendship, common interest groups and wishes. So those dreams can come true with the help of new friends made while networking. Linking up with study groups and local meet ups will be beneficial for you and pull in new clients. October 23 Solar eclipse in Scorpio falls in your 6th house of health and service and amps up the hardworking Saturn influence there. This is an incredibly artistic eclipse, so those of you working in the media should do well with this, if it is making other harmonious aspects to your chart too.

Best & Worst 2014

Jupiter: starts the year retrograde in your 2nd house of cash. You are likely to be the sign with the most spare cash in your purse, so this years so the drinks are on you! You are appreciating the boost of self-confidence and optimism from gas giant Jupiter, who is inflating your sense of self-worth in the first half of the year. You will enjoy spending on yourself too, rewarding yourself for all the hard work over the last year or so. You may want to slow down a little and indulge after a year of burning the candle at both ends when it was in your fast-paced 1st house. After Jul 18 Jupiter moves into your 3rd house of communication and study. It may feel a little confined here, but will enjoy reading reams of books and connecting with the locals. Try to get off the computer and network your neighbourhood Gemini. Best days for love: Apr 6 – May 3 Venus in your 10th puts you firmly in the spotlight, the April Lunar eclipse’s influence gives you such a sweet aroma of success that you become quite a catch for a prospective mate. Apr 19 is especially good since Venus makes a trine to Jupiter from that powerful 10th house. Apr 20 love heals all when it is conjunct Chiron there too. May 15 exciting out of the blue encounters are possible with Uranus conjunct Venus in your house of hopes and wishes. This could be a long term friendship that unexpectedly turns sexual. Jun 23 – Jul 18 Venus in your 1st house gives you the aura of a god/dess. You are put on a pedestal and worshipped. Yes you are! Sep 29 – Oct  23 Venus in your 5th house of love affairs gives you an inviting allure, especially when your ruler Mercury is conjunct Venus on Oct 17. This day your your natural Gemini wit gets an extra boost of charm. Nov  16 – Dec  10 Venus is always good in the traditional house of marriage. Grin and bear it days: Aug 26 Mars conjunct Saturn in your 6th. Either you will want to punch your boss’s lights out or you will get ill from suppressing your anger. Join a gym pronto if you don’t want “simmering rage” fever. Nov 10 Mars conjunct Pluto in your 8th house of sex, try not to stalk and avoid obsessive partners. However Pluto types may wonder why you are avoiding them.. Text them “I love you” every 3 hours to avoid a scene. Nov  25 sees Mercury your ruler conjunct Saturn. Your brain feels like lead and you can’t think. Mercury retardation annoyance: All the Mercury retrogrades are going to annoy you. He’s your ruler, but you are probably used to it by now. The wisest ones among you have turned the annoying Gemini trickster into an art form and spend the time playing childish pranks. At least you can have a laugh while your computer is frying itself.

Gemini Decan 1 (Birthdays May 21 – 31    Ascendants 0º – 10º)

Neptune square your decan all year. This transit can generate a lot of confusion. Its hard to see relationships for what they really are and you could get easily seduced into one that leads you down the garden path. You may feel attracted to bohemians, mystics or worst case scenario, drug addicts! In the general forecast where I mentioned court cases, I would hold back on any life changing decisions until this Neptune transit is over. But if you absolutely can’t, or if you are actually divorcing a drug addict, then just make sure you get a good lawyer. You just need someone to see through any possible deception for you as all you will be seeing is melting clocks and Cheshire cats. On your part, you have to be scrupulously honest, because any white lies could easily turn into massive black holes. However with Lilith sextile your decan Mar 1 – Jun 7 you can take this opportunity at least to develop your intuition and work some magic. Around the Lunar eclipse in April is especially good for occult work since it falls in your 12th house of seclusion. This would be an excellent time to go off on a spiritual retreat. Mars trine your decan May 4 – Jun 5 is the period for artistic pursuits, meditation, inner work and writing poetry while you have the backdrop of the Neptune square. This Mars transit handily overlaps the Lilith one. This could actually turn out to be a beautifully romantic period if you are in an established relationship with someone trustworthy, but not so much if it is with some Neptune charlatan. You might want to escape to somewhere exotic and even explore the joys of tantric sex. Try to do this before Mars opposite your decan from Sep 13 because this could be a difficult time where you don’t know who you can trust. You could be feeling very sensitive to conflicts and feel uncomfortable in social gatherings.

July Onwards: So Mars opposite your decan Sep 13 – Sep 29 continues. The cut and thrust of the business world will loose its appeal for these two weeks, so it’s probably best to do go into your witches cave while you are feeling so porous. You might also feel clumsy and accident-prone too, so do try and take care if you are doing anything physically demanding. Very long car journeys are not really advisable as your brain is more foggy than usual too. Lilith square your decan from Nov 24 until the end of the year will also make you feel quite intolerant of idiots. Luckily Mars trine your decan Dec 4 – Dec 18 helps you see the positives and you can brush off annoyances with humour. Your personal power is enhanced and you have a devil-may-care attitude. Enjoy your freedom and independence and spend time with people who are on the same spiritual path as you. You simply wont tolerate anyone that wants to clamp you down to their own agendas. You might find it increasingly hard to work for other people, especially with that Neptunian surreal mind of yours making you daydream like nuts. The temptation to drop out may be very strong this year decan 1!

Gemini Decan 2 (Birthdays June 1 – 10    Ascendants 10º – 20º)

Uranus sextile your decan all year. Although this is quite a minor transit, it should be enough to breeze you through the more challenging dips of the year. Your free-spirited nature always appreciates some Uranian fresh air and excitement. This liberating Uranus influence will help you bounce back every time Chiron square your decan rubs salt into your wound. This sensitive period lasts until September and can be a time of suffering connected with upsetting memories of childhood. It could bring someone into your life, that through no fault of their own, happens to trigger all your sensitive parental issues. Most commonly this is through a love affair, but sometimes it could be through one electing to go into therapy. You may have chosen to address long-standing phobias or any recurring health issues you have that you suspect may be psychosomatic. Minor illnesses like lower-back pain or post-viral fatigue could come up at this time. You may have the opportunity to heal something that has been long buried in the psyche. The sense of release and freedom after the transit has passed will feel wonderful and worth the months of pain and discomfort. Forgiveness is also important at this time, for yourself and the person you believe has “wounded” you. Mars trine your decan Jan 1 – Jan 23, Rx Apr 4 – May 10, May 29 – Jul 6 will help you through the Chironic therapy. It will enable you to surge back with confidence each time a layer of the onion is peeled away.

July Onwards: Lilith sextile your decan. May 29 – Sep 4 overlapping the end of the Mars transit could mean you get some sexual healing as part of your rehabilitation. North Node trine your decan Sep 15 – Dec 28 will bring you into contact with people important for your souls evolution and is a peak time for all the networking I mentioned in the general Gemini forecast. Lunar eclipse sextile your decan April 15 marks the end of this self work. It falls in your 11th house of common interest groups so may bring in some fresh new friendship that support all that soul work you have been doing. The quality of the new connections you make are a testament to how far you have come in your healing. The second half of the year brings important destiny encounters into your life. Some of these could be quite testing with Mars opposite your decan Sep 28 – Oct 13. You will then be able to see how well you have set your boundaries and how much you can now stand up for yourself. Even though you might experience anger and frustration during this time, you will also learn how to manage your more aggressive impulses, since we have by now come to the end of Chiron’s healing journey. We end the year with another beneficial Mars trine your decan Dec 17 – Dec 31 which will really put the snowy icing on the Christmas cake for you. You should feel empowered, bold and strong in yourself now. You have done a lot of self-work, and accomplished much during 2014 and by the end of the year it will be very apparent to those around to you. Well done Gemini decan 2!

Gemini Decan 3 (Birthdays June 11 – 20    Ascendants 20º – 30º)

The highlight of the year for you is the Lunar eclipse trine your decan on April 15 otherwise none of the outers planets are impacting you at all. Unlike the other two Gemini decans you have a reasonably quiet year ahead, but it doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Indeed your decan could even take the best advantage of the entrepreneurial opportunities of the year. These could manifest as a result of the Jupiter opposite Pluto falling in your cash houses. Mars will be spending an extended time through your 5th house of love while it is also trining your decan. This could send some exciting new creative projects your way as well as the chance of a major new sexual affair too. Mars trine your decan Rx Jan 20 – Apr 7, Jul 4 – Jul 27. These days are ripe for some bold enterprise or the active pursuit of said lover. You should feel sexy and powerful, especially for the three months after the Lunar eclipse since that also fell in your house of love affairs too. The North Node trine your decan Mar 11 – Oct 4 makes community gatherings enjoyable and brings many positive encounters. Some of these will be important to your souls evolution. Its important to network as much and make the most of the easy transits this year.

July Onwards: Lilith sextile your decan Aug 26 – Dec 3 continues to sprinkle magic onto your social life and can help counteract the angry energy of Mars opposite your decan Oct 12 – Oct 27. Thankfully this is the only period in the whole year where your decan has anything challenging at all! You might actually be quite bored with the ease of it all by now and actually crave a punch up.. If you do, joining a kick-boxing class (or such like) would be a good idea. You’ll get nice and toned with the added bonus of attracting a fit new body into your life. Yes life really is quite a bowl full of cherries for you decan 3. Be sure to share the fruit with your Uranus-square-Pluto-frazzled Libran air cousins. Mars trine your decan Dec 30 ensures you do end the year with a bang! Yes, I mean that quite literally.

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Stop acting
so fucking wounded.
The only person
that can pick you up,
push back your shoulders,
wipe the tears,
mend the broken bones
and get you out of your slump
is you.
Now go and live,
there is so much to be
happy about.

"Things I tell myself when I feel as though the world is too big for me" - e.m.f.p  (via stay-ocean-minded)

So, Mercury Retrograde stars this friday you guys, and it will fall first in pisces, then in aquarius, then again in pisces. Act now, and don’t hesitate much because you know what happens these times of the year. Please keep your head cool and under any circumstance act like a victim of the universe. We have all the light we need inside ourselves. Brb. 

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So you guys, remember, we have full moon on Tuesday in our sign, so try to rap it up nicely these days, becasue there are going to be some conclusions. Uranus (the awakener) goes direct the same day in Aries so its going to be a explosive full moon, lots of energy and of course mandatory evolution, rebellion, progress and all that stuff. I think it will be a positive full moon for us, but still, it’s a firey end of the year for everyone: Mars in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries December 25 and squares Pluto in Capricorn December 30. These are probably very stresfull, tense days, so don’t go starting any fire and have a risk free holiday season k?

Venus goes retrograde this saturday, so if you want to make yourself pretty(er), do it before that day, the same with big purchases, since Venus rules money and values. It will all be back to normal by February

Oh and Mars is oficially in our 5th house (romance, self expression, creativity, popularity) for 8 months, so we’re bringing sexy back, bitches! 2014 is ours, Geminis! work that pretty wings ;)

Ill write more about it! xxx


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HEAVIEST NEW MOON EVER. The trine with Uranus (the evolution) really hit me hard and a lot of people too i think. The good thing is that the challenges (Uranus-Pluto square is ongoing pressure to force us to change), are good to reinforce our intentions. In other news, Mercury is out of Scorpio today you guys, no more instrospection! yay

Positivity and clear vision until we reach the full moon in our sign this 17th, which will be one crazy bitch, thanks again to Uranus going direct, but good in the end. 

Evolve or die, gemini!



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guys, guys, dont forget tomorrow is the new moon in Sagittarius! that’s our 7th house you guys, is the house of love! a brand new start in EVERY RELATIONSHIP for geminis and specially gemini risings. Awesome for taken geminis, EXCELLENT for single Geminis! Set your intentios for a fresh start in any area of our life, meditate and prepare your own small significant ritual for tomorrow. I alwawys burn some papers with feelings i want to get rid of, use candles, sage, etc. but it can be anything, even a celebration of sorts. The 17th the full moon will be in our sign! so prepare yourselves for some massive evolution. Dont hold on to bad feelings or bad people or bad karma. Let go, clean your auras and be positive. Mars enters our FUN zone (the 5th house) this saturday so it’s gonna be a very active and expressive end of the year for us! :)

oh and Mercury leaves Scorpio this thursday! best month ever! 

much love and great vibes for yall! 



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How do I deal with my Gemini (me) Aquarius (him) break up??

well, it’s a hard time for relationships in general. I broke up with my leo sun, aquarius rising boyfriend too, and it’s been messy and horrible specially because (as you must know) we’re very compatible with aquarius guys despite their thick heads. Saturn in Scorpio is a nasty transit and it’s afecting all the signs: scorpio is our daily things, work, health, well being house, so it’s all transforming in that house. Pluto in Capricorn is also transforming our 8th house of deep emotions and dependencies, secrets and death-rebirth in general. Geminis are becoming hardcore phoenix-warriors-vampire-slayers all over the planet! And aqua guys are not having an easy time either: aquarius has Pluto in their 12th house of spirituality, soul, sacrifice, loneliness and mystical inspiration, and Saturn (responsability) is still in their house of world obligations, career, etc. They are getting a rought time too. I know that we Geminis tend to rationalize our break ups, but there are some things that just make sense. The last one is that the Libra sector in the sky (the sign that rules relationships) is having a hard time right now, with pluto breaking its foundations and so many eclipses and lunations in it. So it’s hard to just have an easy relationship, and the message for Gemini is clear: know yourself, be healthy, and become stronger with every wound. Sadness can teach Geminis so much! Not to dwell on it, but to understand it’s nature, so we can be more independent and better lovers. SO WE CAN BECOME WHOLE. And speaking of strenght, Mars (action, sex) will spend 8 months in our romance and fun house, so it’s clear that the universe doesnt want us to be permanently sad/lonely. Good Sex with the right partner or lots of exercise can heal your emotional wounds too. When Mercury leaves scorpio the first week of december, our heads will become lighter, and we will be able to think clearly. I’m already meeting new people, making new friends, had a couple of relaxed dinners-dates, MOVING ON. There’s a new moon in our LOVE HOUSE this december 3rd, please get your best vibes on, clean your aura and ask for new love, new relationships, better relationships and a new heart, not regreting anything, but being grateful. Burn your tears, burn your guilt. Dont stop dreaming, repair your emotions. Your future “you” will thank you for it. 

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Moon in Aquarius you guys, yay. Mercury retrograde ends tomorrow night! The confusion will be over soon! hang in there

“Be quick dear, times are uncertain

One month crawling, next year blurring

Decades in the drain

Monograms on the brain

Decide what’s working and what’s moved on

To the last phase”

- MGMT - Alien Days

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Eclipse + new moon + mercury retrograde+ karmic evolutionary north node all fall in our 6th house of health and work geminis (specially gemini rising peeps). 

Discipline, and better food and work habits, that’s the universe message this time. Wherever you have scorpio in your birthchart, something is eclipsing, and something is starting fresh. Set your intentions and go! scorpionic new moon is the strongest begginging we’ll get this year. don’t miss the oportunity to be who you want to be for the rest of your life. Namaste!

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Mars is in Virgo until December 7! This is our ticket out of the fog from Mercury Retrograde and the source of our braveness during the Eclipse on November 3rd: 

Mars in virgo: a new strategy, purifying actions, mastery, technique, order, earth protection, analytic energy and balancing everything up.

follow every hunch that goes that way, plust start working on your bravery. Also mars in virgo means our house will have lots of action, so dont fall into domestic fights, until its really necesary. Remeber that the eclipse will fall on our health and work sector, but as it is in scorpio, also the secrecy, karma and money issues will just go boom.

Be safe and be martian, geminis! 

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Happy new moon in Libra tomorrow night you guys! Is extra powerfull because is oposing Uranus (change, revolution) and squaring Pluto (death, transformation, rebirth), so it’s a great begining, if we embrace change and find the true source of our power. Specially good if you want to get over someone (Libra rules relationships), and awesome if you want to start from scratch. For geminis is all new in the 5th house: romance, creativity, fun and games, but as Pluto is watching really close my advice is to keep things light and be safe. October 5th will be specially good for us, Geminis, because Mercury (currently preparing to go retrograde in Scorpionic waters) will conjunct the North Node of the Moon (our evolution, our future, the place that we’re heading). Trust the highest vibrations of your mind that day, and put your brain working towards your greatest, crazyiest goals. Don’t get discouraged if your mental capacity is not what you expect (retrograde is really close), just be a messenger and you will get a message back. OPEN YOUR EYES, Geminis! find your truth and put it in your actions this month. Pluto and Saturn feeding each other, are not here just to create mayhem, but also to help us build new-more truthful and stronger structures. What you need now is not what you needed yesterday. Have a great weekend, Love, Ismael. 

'Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn”. - Ghandi (Sun in Libra)

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