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Yule Goat

by Scott Benson

current transit - Sun, Mercury, Venus (retrograde), and Pluto in Capricorn

Cancer rising and cancer suns must be feeling exhausted! (opposite capricorn)

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Hello everyone, that has been one hell of a dark moon in cance this weekend! balsamic moon ends tomorrow and we have new moon in full-of-life leo this tuesday. Hang in there and finish your catharsis! Leo moon falls in our communication house, so make plans for expressing yourself! xx

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George Michael (sun in cancer)- Too Funky 

everybody wants a lover like that.

happy birthday to all my Cancer followers! ;)

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george michael (sun in cancer)

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Marjolein Caljouw

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New Moon in Cancer + Mercury Retrograde: July 8th 2013: New Emotions! 

Cancer is considered the sign of the Great Mother of Life, the nurturing power of our emotional body…feelings let us know if something is good or bad for us.  When we ignore our emotional intelligence, we create disorder and chaos in our lives and in the world.  So pay attention to your body and your feelings this month and for this new Moon, plant seeds of emotional intelligence…”

“This New Moon is conjunct Mercury retrograde, so messages will run deep.  Use the New Moon energy to go within and have a talk with yourself about your life.  What’s really important to you?  Is outer monetary security more important than inner emotional security?  Why are you here on Earth?  What’s your destiny?  If you put in the time, you will get answers.”

“The New Moon is also opposite Pluto in Capricorn and square Uranus in Aries.  What changes do you want to see in your own life and in our collective life?  What unique gift can you bring to the table?  Add some of those seeds to the mix.”

Cathy Pagano - Wisom of Astrology

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Big ol’ watercolour/Indian ink piece.

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Lana del Rey (Cancer - Gemini cusp)

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