How do I deal with my Gemini (me) Aquarius (him) break up??

well, it’s a hard time for relationships in general. I broke up with my leo sun, aquarius rising boyfriend too, and it’s been messy and horrible specially because (as you must know) we’re very compatible with aquarius guys despite their thick heads. Saturn in Scorpio is a nasty transit and it’s afecting all the signs: scorpio is our daily things, work, health, well being house, so it’s all transforming in that house. Pluto in Capricorn is also transforming our 8th house of deep emotions and dependencies, secrets and death-rebirth in general. Geminis are becoming hardcore phoenix-warriors-vampire-slayers all over the planet! And aqua guys are not having an easy time either: aquarius has Pluto in their 12th house of spirituality, soul, sacrifice, loneliness and mystical inspiration, and Saturn (responsability) is still in their house of world obligations, career, etc. They are getting a rought time too. I know that we Geminis tend to rationalize our break ups, but there are some things that just make sense. The last one is that the Libra sector in the sky (the sign that rules relationships) is having a hard time right now, with pluto breaking its foundations and so many eclipses and lunations in it. So it’s hard to just have an easy relationship, and the message for Gemini is clear: know yourself, be healthy, and become stronger with every wound. Sadness can teach Geminis so much! Not to dwell on it, but to understand it’s nature, so we can be more independent and better lovers. SO WE CAN BECOME WHOLE. And speaking of strenght, Mars (action, sex) will spend 8 months in our romance and fun house, so it’s clear that the universe doesnt want us to be permanently sad/lonely. Good Sex with the right partner or lots of exercise can heal your emotional wounds too. When Mercury leaves scorpio the first week of december, our heads will become lighter, and we will be able to think clearly. I’m already meeting new people, making new friends, had a couple of relaxed dinners-dates, MOVING ON. There’s a new moon in our LOVE HOUSE this december 3rd, please get your best vibes on, clean your aura and ask for new love, new relationships, better relationships and a new heart, not regreting anything, but being grateful. Burn your tears, burn your guilt. Dont stop dreaming, repair your emotions. Your future “you” will thank you for it. 

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Moon in Aquarius you guys, yay. Mercury retrograde ends tomorrow night! The confusion will be over soon! hang in there

“Be quick dear, times are uncertain

One month crawling, next year blurring

Decades in the drain

Monograms on the brain

Decide what’s working and what’s moved on

To the last phase”

- MGMT - Alien Days

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Just saw Carrie! The movie was cool and disturbing, lots of epic moments, but a weak ending. 

Choel Grace Moretz (Sun in Aquarius: what other sign could possibly have such amazing mental powers? + explosive moon in aries!)

Julianne Moore (Sun in Sagittarius, the sign that rules faith but also fanatism. + Gemini Rising: a -damaged in her case- connection with heaven).

Ansel Engort (sun in Piscis: a kid too noble for his own good) 

what do you think, saw some other esoteric/astrological messages?

Happy Halloween/Samhain! xx

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Hello everybody, this is the real closure right here, after a long and confusing transit of Mercury Retrograde in Cancer + the Cancer season nostalgia, finally, the universe gives us some Clarity of tought and feelings tonight! Use what you’ve learned, understood. Make sure your closet (physical and metaphisycal) is cleaned up! The future is NOW! Namaste.


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Moon in Aquarius tonight! the sign of 50% of Daft Punk!

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Alice in Wonderland (Sun in Aquarius)

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Aquarius Christina Ricci in Vivienne Westwood at The Met Gala, 2013

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How the Signs react to AIR SIGNS

  • Aries: OH MY GOD talk SLOWLY your words are so CONFUSING.
  • Taurus: Dafuq you on about?
  • Gemini: Let’s dance and laugh together, yay!
  • Cancer: I can’t say that I understand you in the slightest.
  • Leo: Get OUT of my spotlight!
  • Virgo: If you weren’t so stupid I’d think you were really smart.
  • Libra: Finally I have found people to relate to!
  • Scorpio: Please stop talking.
  • Sagittarius: You’re so crazy we just might get along…
  • Capricorn: Um…
  • Aquarius: Hahaha, let’s run into the sunset together, la la la…
  • Pisces: You, you, were just so… smart and sensitive, and then… what? Where did you go?
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The New Moon in Aquarius is on February 10th at 2:20 am (Eastern US time). So begins the Year of the (Water) Snake!

Water, Water Everywhere!

A lunation in the sign of the (cosmic) Waterbearer, comes with a stellium in oceanic Pisces. There’s harmonious flow to the healing force of Saturn in Scorpio (more water). AND it’s the first day of the Year of the Water Snake. The emotional-psychic waves churn deep, and bring much that’s drifted to the bottom (denied, repressed) to the surface. Keep the purging effect in mind, if you’re experiencing unusual highs and lows.

On an individual level, and then in the various circles ever wider outward, there’s a reckoning, and a chance for authentic healing. But there can be some raw crazy churned up — avoid crowded places if possible. Much will depend on the atmosphere you choose for yourself. Give yourself the gift of calm, to stay present through the inner tsunami. The right friends, music, environmental input makes all the difference.

Dream or Nightmare

The air element is in square to the water element — for rare objectivity, and ability to shapeshift the traumas of the past, into something new. It’s a time of experimentation, moving into new fascinations and inspirations. The penetrating insight into currents of the psyche can be translated and broadcast in some way.

The Messenger and Waterbearer (Gemini-Aquarius) are symbolic allies, to tune in to a new narrative for what’s happening. The deep insights inform your genius, and might even give you a warped sense of humor — to laugh at the absurdity of it all!

Jupiter now in full-steam ahead direct mode (in Gemini) is square to the Pisces planets (Mercury, Mars, Neptune). And Venus in Aqua is squaring Saturn (nearly exactly). If we are able to ride the waves, some of them shockwaves, the rewards are huge! A new sense of freedom is possible, from this catharsis. The path to growth is through being adaptable and releasing energy knots.

The intensity of the New Moon will likely last through early next week, that begins February 11th. New Moons always come with the advice to surrender, to the process, and this is especially important here. Ask for highest healing, and listen to your own guidance moment-to-moment.

Lunar Imbolc

This New Moon is considered auspicious as a doorway to finer cosmic vibes. It’s Lunar Imbolc, or Candlemas. It’s time for idealism, and welcoming fine fresh vibes and possibilities. All is new, as the Sun grows stronger everyday. At Imbolc, we light candles and ask for faith. The New Moon is a time of beginnings. You can set intentions or do a New Moon Ritual that grows with the lunar light and reaches fruition at the Full Moon.

Aquarius is about shared energies, in groups, making this key for coming together in ritual. You’ll want to be sure you’re on the same wavelength, since group harmonics play an important role now. If you’re not in synch with your current circle of friends and colleagues, go out and seek those that are an inspired match. This New Moon is about allies for the future, who are tuned in to the highest vision for the whole.

What’s in the Air:

  • brainstorming innovations
  • emotional detachment, but with egalitarian attitude
  • global networking for causes, social change
  • virtual meditations for peace
  • awareness of interconnectivity
  • making decisions for the Whole
  • glamour and futurism
  • shocks to the status quo
  • united communities
  • Power to the People!
  • ahead-of-its-time thinking
  • Thoughts are Things.

New Moon in Aquarius themes:

  • Upgrade the quality of your thoughts.
  • Hit the reset button of your mind.
  • Rising above polarizing left/right paradigms.
  • divination: divining the future.
  • Connecting with like minds, as part of “evolutionary” family.
  • Letting go of negative influences on your mind.
  • Freeing yourself from mind control.
  • Being your own guru, authority, wise one.
  • Contributing to the collective visioning process.

It’s a Good Time to:

  • show appreciation to your colleagues
  • join an association, union, club, group or party circuit
  • develop a privacy barrier in your virtual life
  • meditation, pray, do yoga or any other focused moving art
  • fish around your imagination for a genius idea
  • break out of your mental boxes
  • Shake up your routine, to see life from new angles
  • make friends with someone eccentric
  • let your own freak flag fly
  • join with those creating the future you want to see
  • be a visionary
  • be a revolutionary
  • be free

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