Helena Bonham Carter (Sun in Gemini)

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Helena Bonham Carter (Sun in Gemini, Moon in Leo)

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Happy Birthday to all the wicked Geminis this season! 

Helena Bonham Carter (Sun in Gemini)

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I was reading a mythology book today and i found out that Helen (Helena) of Troy was and the sister of Castor and Pollux, the twins from wich the Gemini myth comes from. This means she was also part bird (Castor and Pollux were also born from an egg hatched by Leda), and considering how pretty she was (“the face that launched a thousend ships” “the most beautifull woman on earth”), she is definitely related to the myth, in some way. She was also a trouble maker, so yeah, that fits Gemini too. The connsensus is that Helena, the name, means “the bright one”.

Helena Bonham Carter (Sun in Gemini) photographed by Tim Walker for Vogue UK (2012)

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Black Swan (2011), Natalie Portman (Sun in Gemini). The Only Person standing in your way is you”.

Serial Mom (1994)Kathleen Turner (Sun in Gemini). We all have our bad days”.

Secret Window (2004)Johnny Depp (Sun in Gemini). Rock-paper-Scissors.

Peter Pan (2003)Jason Isaacs (Sun in Gemini). Growing up is such a barbarous business”.

Identity (2003), Alfred Molina (Sun in Gemini). The Secret lies within.

Fight Club (1999)Helena Bonham Carter (Sun in Gemini). "You met me at a very strange time in my life".

The Prestige (2006), Michael Caine (Gemini rising). Are you watching closely?

Peacock (2010)Cillian Murphy (Sun in Gemini). If only he knew what she was doing.

The Dreamers (2003), Louis Garrel (Sun in Gemini). "In this big epic movie, every one is an extra". (Note: this is really a Pisces/Taurus movie, Neptune and Venus are all over the place, but the twins are just to Geminian to not being in the list).

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Helena Bonham Carter (Sun inn Gemini, Venus in Aries, Moon in Leo)

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Helena Bonham Carter (Sun in Gemini, Mercury in Gemini, Moon in Leo)

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